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Can I go off the record on Vowel?
Can I go off the record on Vowel?

Stop all recording for everyone with one click

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Yes, you can start or stop the recording for everyone at any time during the meeting. Simply tap the “Recording” button on the bottom left of the meeting window and ALL microphones, video, and screenshare of ANY user in the meeting will instantly stop recording. In other words, the “record” functionality is a global on-and-off switch that controls all recording in a meeting for everyone.

Anyone can turn on and off the recording at any time during a meeting. You do not need to be the meeting host to do this. This gives anyone the ability to go off the record if they feel more comfortable saying something that way.

While the recording is off, the meeting transcript will stop and any audio, video, screenshare will be omitted from the recording of the meeting while the recording is turned off. If the meeting is partially recorded, then only the parts of the meeting that were recorded will be saved to your Vowel workspace (transcript, audio, video included) and meeting moments that were not recorded will be left out.

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