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Does Vowel work with multiple people?
Does Vowel work with multiple people?

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Yes! Vowel encourages people to come together to meet virtually in one room no matter where in the world you are located.

Simply create a Google calendar event, add a Vowel meeting and invite the people you want to join you in your meeting. If all invitees are members of a Vowel workspace they will see the event in their "Upcoming" tab and be able to join the Vowel event from there or directly from their Google Calendar.

You can always have a meeting by yourself in your Personal Meeting room. Simply click "Meet in Your Room" to launch a meeting. From there you'll be able to send someone the link and invite them to join you.

Vowel makes it easy to take notes together and control whether or not the meeting is being recorded so everyone can have access to the meeting recording to review at a later date.

Happy Meeting!

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