Yes! There are two ways that you can use Vowel remotely:

  1. One user can have Vowel open in addition to any conferencing system they are already using, and record the audio coming out of their computer speakers (i.e. just like putting a smartphone next to a speaker phone). There is no magic here, it will record exactly what the user hears.
  2. You can actually have an entire remote conversation directly in Vowel! If two or more users join a Vowel meeting and select different locations, Vowel will automatically initiate a video conference between these users. This is highly recommended, as Vowel will be able to collect high-quality audio from all users, which will be great for listening later and powering transcription and search.

Coming soon: Vowel users will be able to dial-in to pre-existing conference calls. Eventually, you will be able to use Vowel to participate in the conversation just like if you were dialing in using a phone, and you’ll get to capture all the audio and transcription as well!

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