There are two ways to share a Vowel recording:

  1. A meeting participant can share a Vowel recording with other team members who are Vowel users, which will allow that user to have full access to the audio, transcription, and notes associated with the shared recording.
  2. A meeting participant can share a Vowel recording with anyone by generating a link which will expire in a week (eventually this time period will be editable). Recipients of this link will only have access to the recorded audio (not transcriptions or notes).

To share a Vowel recording:

  • A meeting participant can click on the “share” button in the top right of the meeting page, and then choose if they would like to share a link or share in the tool to a team member. This will share the entire meeting (up to the point that the recording was shared).
  • Alternatively, a meeting participant can highlight a section of the transcription by dragging their mouse and then click the “share” button next to the selected text to share only the content contained in the highlighted section.
  • In addition, a meeting participant can add a recording to a channel to keep team meetings organized. On your Vowel dashboard, click on the "Add to Channel" button under the meeting name once your meeting is over.

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