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Adding members to your Workspace
Adding members to your Workspace

Easily add members to collaborate in your Vowel workspace

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You can easily add and invite team members, and other individuals you work with, to join your Vowel Workspace.

Invite anyone

1. Click Invite Members in the top-right corner of your Vowel Workspace next to your profile.

2. Send anyone the Invite link or manually add new members via their email address. You can specify what type of role you'd like each new member to have. You can also generate new invite links for specific types of roles. Note that some roles will incur an additional cost when added to your workspace. Read about the types of roles on Vowel here.

Determine who can invite additional workspace members

From your workspace settings you can set Invite Permissions. This lets you determine how members of your Vowel workspace can invite additional members. For example, you can set that Hosts can invite more Hosts or that they can only invite Collaborators. Note that adding Hosts incurs an additional cost.

*Collaborators will only ever be able to invite other Collaborators which are Free members.

Allow people from trusted domains to join automatically

You can specify a set of trusted email domains under Workspace Settings.

You will also be able to set the default role for each domain. Hosts are paid members of your workspace. Collaborators are free members. In the example below, this means that if anyone with a email address joins automatically an additional per-member cost will be added to the workspace. That role can be changed to Collaborator to avoid the additional costs.

You can read more about the types of roles here.

*Collaborators can request a Host seat. Approval will be required by an Admin or Owner.

Anyone with an email address from that trusted domain will have the option to join your Workspace when they sign into Vowel or are shared a meeting recording. They will see that Workspace as an option to join when signing in (as shown below) or have the option to create a new workspace.

Note: If you are on a paid plan, adding workspace members will incur a pro-rated charge on your account with the exception of Collaborators which are Free members.

You can read more in our Pricing FAQ.

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