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How do I integrate Vowel with Slack?
How do I integrate Vowel with Slack?

Shareable links work with Slack

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There are a few ways to use Vowel with Slack. You'll first want to make sure you have our Slack integration set up.

In the top right corner of your Vowel dashboard click on your account info and select "integrations".

From there you'll be able to connect Slack.

Open up the Slack Marketplace and choose the option to "Add to Slack" or "Open in Slack"

*Open in Slack means it has already been installed for your workspace

Once the Slack integration is installed you can type "/Vowel" into private messages or channels in Slack and start meeting in Vowel!

You can also share recordings of Vowel meetings to Slack.

Whenever you choose to share a meeting or clip in Vowel, you are given the option to generate a shareable link. From there you'll be presented with a number of sharing options. Share to the web makes it available to anyone who has the link. If you choose to share to a specific folder, email address or teammate just make sure that when you then share it in Slack the people you sent it to have the appropriate access to view the recording.

And you can set an expiration date on that link for increased security!

Check out all the Vowel integrations here! Still have questions? Email us at

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