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What languages are supported in Vowel?
What languages are supported in Vowel?

Vowel supports multiple transcription languages

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Vowel currently supports the following languages:

English (United States)

Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified, China)

English (India)

English (Singapore)

English (United Kingdom)

French (France)

German (Germany)

Italian (Italy)

Japanese (Japan)

Portuguese (Brazil)

Russian (Russia)

Spanish (Spain)

There are a few ways to set language transcription preferences for your Vowel meetings.

1. From the Workspace settings of your dashboard (if you are an Owner or Admin)

  • Click on your profile in the top right corner of your Vowel dashboard

  • Click "Workspace settings"

  • Then click "Transcription language" and select from the dropdown menu to set your workspace's preferred default language

2. From the Upcoming tab on your Vowel dashboard

  • Select the meeting you want to change the language for

  • Click on the overflow menu in the top right corner of the meeting info panel

  • Click "Set transcript language" and choose from the dropdown menu

Once a language has been selected for that meeting, once the meeting starts and is recording the transcript will be in that language.

3. From in your meeting

  • Once in your meeting click on the transcript icon in the bottom right corner

  • Then click on the globe icon

  • From there you will be able to change the language for your transcription for your meeting.

We are excited to support even more additional languages in the future.

Have a language that you'd love to see in Vowel? Let us know at!

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