Setting up Transcription

During a Vowel meeting, transcriptions should appear in near-real-time, but could take up to a minute to appear.

Note: You must record your meeting in order for the Transcription to run.

To change the Transcription language click on the globe icon and select from the dropdown list of supported languages.


If your transcription is not working please make sure that the audio of the meeting is working properly. Check out our audio troubleshooting guide for more help.

Transcription Access

To access the transcription during the meeting click on the Transcript button in the bottom right corner of your meeting window.

If you join a meeting late you can go back and review what you've missed by catching up on the Transcript.

With the search functionality, you can look up key words.

To access the transcript after the meeting click on the meeting recording and navigate to the transcript tab in the top right corner of and search by keyword or review the entire transcript.

You can always back and reference it in the future!

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