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Help, I can't see my transcription!
Help, I can't see my transcription!

Wondering where your words went? We got you.

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There are a few common reasons you might not be able to see your transcriptions:

  1. You didn't record your meeting! In order for your meeting to be transcribed, it must be recorded! We think it's great to record and transcribe all your meetings, but we know that sometimes you'll want things to be off the record.  For this reason, it is possible to have a meeting on Vowel without capturing the recording, which results in no transcriptions.

  2. Your transcriptions are hidden. In the bottom right corner during a meeting, you can click on the "Transcript" icon to see the Transcript working in action.

  3. Your meeting recording was deleted. Your meeting data belongs to you. And if you or a team member wants to delete it, that is up to you. Sometimes you'll remember a meeting that you are sure you transcribed, but you can't find the meeting. It's likely that you or someone on your team may have, for a number of reasons, chosen to delete the record of this meeting. Once a meeting recording is deleted we cannot recover it for you, so be sure that is an action you want to take before doing it!

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