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How do I set a meeting agenda?
How do I set a meeting agenda?
Use custom or pre-built templates to set your meeting agendas
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Keep your meetings focused with a shared agenda that all meeting attendees who are part of your workspace can contribute to.

From your "Upcoming" tab in your dashboard you can see all of your upcoming meetings.

You will be able to filter by All Google Calendar events or just Vowel Meetings.

Note: You can only create, edit and share meeting agendas for Vowel meetings.

If you need to make one of your non-Vowel meetings into a Vowel meeting simply click on the "Make Vowel meeting" button. From there you'll be able to work on creating and sharing your agenda.

You can also quickly filter by meetings that have an agenda and ones that don't. This makes meeting prep quick. Filter by meetings without an agenda so you can start preparing for those.

Once your meeting has an agenda you'll see a little agenda icon appear on the meeting box.

You'll also be able to see a history of all changes made to the agenda.

Once you have an agenda created, share with your team by sending an email to invitees or using a link.

All meeting agendas are collaborative and visible to all meeting participants within the Vowel dashboard.

When you start a meeting, if you do not have a meeting agenda you will see a set of suggested agenda templates in the notes panel on the right side of the screen. Click on one of the templates that best suits the purpose of your meeting to help structure your agenda and start populating it. Otherwise, you can build one from scratch just by hitting enter and using the / command to add agenda items, headings, bulleted lists and more.

If your meeting does have an agenda, you will see it populated in the meeting notes section as you as you start your meeting.

You can edit or add to your agenda once you start the meeting.

You can also create and save your own agenda templates, customized to your meeting needs. Access the "Meeting Templates" page from the navigation bar on the top right side of your Dashboard under "More".

From there you can edit existing templates or create new ones by clicking "Create a new template" at the bottom of your templates list and save them for future use.

Start building your template using the slash command to add headings, bulleted lists and more. Once you're done, hit "Save" and the template will be added to your Meeting Templates library. The next time you go to add an agenda to your meeting your template will be one of the available options from the list. Give it a try!

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