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How do I share the Vowel meeting link with others?
How do I share the Vowel meeting link with others?

Easily share the meeting link from your Vowel dashboard, calendar, or during a meeting

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Before your meeting

1. Share your personal meeting link

Next to "Meet in your Room" in the top left corner of your dashboard you can copy your personal meeting room link, share directly with teammates or clients, copy to a Google Calendar meeting, or use it for Calendly scheduling as your unique link.

2. Share from your "Upcoming Tab"

In "Upcoming" you'll have the option to copy the meeting link directly from the meeting info.

3. Share from Google Calendar

Once you add a new event on your Google Calendar you'll have the ability to create a Vowel Meeting from there.

During your meeting

  1. From the screen when you start the meeting

    You may see one of two views when you enter the meeting.

2. From the "Meeting Info" section in your meeting

The small Info icon in the bottom right corner of your meeting is how you access this

3. After your meeting

  1. In your "Recents" tab

    Hover over the meeting you want to share and share directly from the thumbnail by clicking the purple share icon

Once you click "Share" you'll be able to choose from a variety of options

2. Share from inside a meeting recording

Click "Share" in the top right corner of the meeting recording screen to share the whole meeting

You'll notice you have the same settings as if you shared from your dashboard view

3. Click "Transcript" to search part of the meeting and share a snippet

The snippet of the transcript will also share the audio & video portion of the meeting selected

If sharing a snippet from the transcript, you'll be able to share directly with individuals or a folder.

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