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How do I schedule a recurring Vowel meeting?
How do I schedule a recurring Vowel meeting?
Easily schedule a recurring meeting using the Vowel Chrome extension
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Simply use the Vowel Chrome extension (how to install) or G-suite add-on (how to install).

When you schedule a meeting in your Google calendar and set it to repeat your Vowel meeting link used via the Chrome Extension or G-suite add-on will be the same meeting link for all future meeting occurrences. Everyone will be able to join the meeting using the unique link.

You can pin the Vowel browser extension and click the calendar icon as shown below:

Or create a new calendar event, and click "Add a Vowel Meeting".

You can easily see which of your meetings are recurring from the "Upcoming" tab inside of your Vowel dashboard. They have a continuous circle icon next to the meeting title as shown below:

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