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My screen share isn't working.
My screen share isn't working.

Take these steps to troubleshoot screensharing on Vowel.

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Help! I'm having trouble with Vowel's Screen share

Follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot.

  1. Check System settings and make sure sharing is enabled

  • Privacy & Security >> Screen Recording

  • Check the checkbox next to Google Chrome to allow screen sharing

2. Make sure your browser is updated (might require a refresh or restart)

For Mac users: Apple recently made an update that does not allow you to screen share your "Entire Screen" or "Window" if there is a browser update that has not been finalized. This is a new change that Apple implemented that affects all websites. You will be limited in your ability to access your screen share while your browser is in a partially updated state. You will be able to share a specific tab while the update is in progress but if you wish to finalize the update to share a window or your entire screen, you will need to restart your browser.

For Chrome users: An update is now available for Chrome that resolves a March 2022 issue with screen sharing on Vowel. As part of this update, some users on macOS will be prompted to re-enable the screen recording permissions for Google Chrome and restart Chrome the next time they attempt to share their screen. The cause is due to a bug with how Chrome introduces pending updates. Upgrading will remove the pending update and resetting permissions will then restore permissions.

Step 1: Ensure your Chrome version is up to date before joining your next Meeting. Open Chrome → About Google Chrome. Check that Chrome is up to date.

Step 2: If prompted in a Vowel Meeting, provide Microphone, Camera, and Notification permissions. Once you join a meeting, if you see a prompt requesting permission for Vowel to use your microphone and camera or to send notifications, click “Allow.”

Step 3: If prompted, allow Google Chrome to have screen recording permission and restart Chrome.

  • When you click ‘Share Screen' during a meeting, you might see a prompt that says “Can’t share your screen.” Click “System Preferences” and then “Open System Preferences” in the Chrome Pop up.

  • Complete the following steps in the OS System Preferences UI:

    • Navigate through System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Screen Recording

    • If locked, click the lock icon in the lower left (“Click the lock to make changes”) enter a username and password, and click “Unlock”

    • If it’s already checked, uncheck the box for Google Chrome in the list on the right side.

    • If prompted, choose Later.

    • Check the same box for Google Chrome that you just unchecked.

    • If prompted, choose Quit & Reopen.

Note: If you are using a launcher app or starting Chrome from the terminal then the parent process will change and screen-recording permissions have to be granted to that instead of Chrome. If you are using a custom app launcher or running from terminal, the permissions need to be given to the launcher app or Chrome should be started directly.

You may also see a red update button in the top right corner of your browser to indicate an update is required. We may show a banner or pop-up message in Vowel to alert you of an update needed.

4. When sharing a window or tab ensure it is "active"

  • It might take a moment for your computer to register the window/tab

  • If it is still not showing up you must ensure the window or tab is "Active" (this means you need to actually select the window or tab you wish to share)

Still having issues? Email us at to let us know.

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