The Google calendar add-on is a great way to schedule Vowel meetings. It will give you a quick way to turn any Google calendar event into a Vowel meeting by giving it a Vowel link that all your guests can use to join the meeting.

This article will cover how to to setup your Google calendar add-on properly.

Step 1: Install the Google calendar add-on

You can go to this link to install the Google calendar add-on -- just click "Install".

Sometimes you may need the approval of your team admin to install the add-on. If you can't get that approval, we'd recommend you install our Chrome extension -- it isn't quite as powerful, but it will still make it easy to schedule Vowel meetings!

Step 2: Sign into your Google calendar add-on

Once your Google calendar add-on is installed, you should go to your Google calendar, where you will see the Vowel logo in the right sidebar.

If you don't see the logo, just refresh the page (this will usually be required if you opened the calendar page before you installed the plugin). When you see the Vowel logo, click on it to open the add-on's sidebar. There will be a "sign in" link that you can click on to connect your add-on to your Vowel account.

Once this is done, you'll be able to see your Vowel workspaces right from your add-on -- and if you have multiple workspaces, you can choose which one you'd like to make your default workspace for scheduling meetings.

Step3: Schedule a meeting!

Try creating a Google calendar event however you normally do! You'll see a dropdown that says "Add video conferencing". Click it, and select "Vowel Meeting". Then all you need to do is save your event and all your event invitees will be able to join you in your Vowel meeting!

Make Vowel your default video conferencing option

If you are an admin for your GSuite team you can change your default settings. This makes it even easier to use Vowel for every meeting (we won't be hidden behind a Google Meeting drop down!).

  1. From the Google Admin console dashboard, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Calendar > Sharing Settings > Video Conferencing. You will need to disable “Make Google Meet the default video conferencing provider when available” and enable the “Automatically add video conferencing . . .”
    “Make Google Meet the default video conferencing provider when available” and “Automatically add video conferencing to events users create”

  2. Make sure Google Meet is off for everyone in Apps > Gsuite, and then install the Vowel GSuite add-on.

  3. Validate that under Apps > Google Workspace > Calendar > Sharing Settings > Video Conferencing “Automatically add video conferencing to events . . . ” is enabled.

  4. Save

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