Every member of your Vowel Workspace has their own Personal Room. Your Personal Room has a link that's unique to you, based on the email address attached to your Vowel account. For example, if the email address attached to your Vowel account is allie.grater@acme and your Workspace is called Acme, your Personal Room's link would be https://acme.vowel.com/#/g/allie-grater.

Start a new instant meeting in your Personal Room

There are a couple of ways to start a new meeting in your Personal Room:

1. From your Vowel Workspace

You can start a new meeting in your Personal Room at any time from your Vowel Workspace by clicking the Meet in Your Room button in the left-hand sidebar.

2. Using your Personal Room's link

Copy your Personal Room's link from your Vowel dashboard and open it in a web browser to start a new meeting at any time.

Using your Personal Room with Calendly

If you use a scheduling tool like Calendly, you can use your Personal Room's link as an Event Type's Location. Once set, the next time a meeting is scheduled by Calendly on your behalf, the meeting location will automatically be set to your Personal Room.

πŸ’‘ Set the location for all Event Types you want to be hosted in your Personal Room

What happens when people join meetings in my Personal Room?

There are a few different scenarios depending on who is trying to join a meeting in your Personal Room and when:

1. Invited – Workspace Member or Guest

For meetings on your calendar, where the event location is set to a Personal Room, Workspace Members and Guests that have been invited to the calendar event can instantly join once the meeting they have been invited to has been started by the Room's owner.

2. Not Invited

People that visit your Personal Room's link who have not been invited will need to Request to join.

Once requested, the Room owner will be can choose to Let in, Put on hold, or Deny.

Using Put on hold

Putting an attendee on hold is useful when someone requests to join a meeting when you're hosting another meeting in your Personal Room that has yet to finish.

Ending a meeting and joining the next meeting in your Room

When a Personal Room has another meeting scheduled right after the meeting in progress, the Room owner will have the option to end the current meeting and join the next meeting.

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