Celebrate brilliant ideas and express yourself in meetings. It's a little harder to do in virtual meetings, so that's why Vowel lets you use any emoji to make your sentiment known. And, it brings a little fun back to see a 🎉 when someone says Happy Birthday, or 🤷‍♀️ when you're not sure but don't need to go off mute to say so.

When you enter a meeting you'll immediately see a number of popular emoji to choose from. Click on any of them to send the Reaction.

These four Reactions can also be sent with a quick tap of the keyboard:

Thumbs Up (Keyboard shortcut: 1)

Thumbs Down (Keyboard shortcut: 2)

Heart Eyes (Keyboard shortcut: 3)

Cry Laughing (Keyboard shortcut: 4)

If you don't find the emoji reaction you're looking for click the + button next to the fourth emoji to see a full list of options:

You can select from your frequently used emojis or search for what you're looking for.

To change the skin tone of your reactions, for your current and subsequent meetings, click on the ellipsis and select "Edit Profile" (keyboard shortcut: A)

From there you will be able to select your preferred emoji skin tone. While you're there, edit your name and add your pronouns.

Once you click "update" Vowel will remember your preferences for all your future meetings until you make another change and update.

After the meeting you will be able to see all of the Reactions that were shared in a meeting on the timeline view. This makes exciting moments in the meeting easy to find!

Have questions or product feedback? Send us a chat or email us at: hello@vowel.com

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