We've all been in a meeting where something important happens and we wish we could revisit it later. Highlights in Vowel meetings make it easy to mark key moments as the happen.

You can use Highlights for all sorts of key moments: important product feedback from VIP customers, design ideas, questions to follow up on, etc.

To mark a key moment, click the bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen or tap "L" on your keyboard.

You can also create a highlight by opening the Transcript, highlighting a block of text and then clicking the bookmark icon.

After a meeting wraps, you can see Highlights on the Meeting Timeline (along with Reactions and Comments).

Highlights are a brand new feature and we're excited to continue evolving them--we have ideas around tagging and sharing Highlights but would love to hear what you think, and if there are power user features you'd like to see build leveraging Highlights!

If you have questions or ideas, please send us a chat or an email at hello@vowel.com.

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