Learn the basics of Vowel 👩🏻‍🏫

Want to start using Vowel but not sure where to begin? Check out this short video on the basics, or watch more detailed walkthroughs of specific features below.

Get familiar with the in-meeting experience

Learn how Vowel works for video conferencing. Have your first meeting in your personal room with a colleague, student, teacher, or friend. Start with a one-on-one or small team meeting; as you get more comfortable, switch to larger group meetings. Make any Google Calendar event into a Vowel meeting with the click of a button.

Take action on your meeting recording

Don't wait forever for your meeting recording to process. As soon as your meeting ends share the link, re-watch sections, add notes or action items, and more!

Share your meeting with others

Working with a global remote team? Regularly have scheduled meetings that some teammates aren't able to attend? No problem! Once you've recorded your meeting, you can share your video with others and configure privacy settings for those who you share with.

Prepare for your upcoming meetings

Say goodbye to "no-agenda" meetings and never show up to a meeting unprepared again. Learn how to use agendas in Vowel.

Understanding your workspace

Understand the differences between your Personal, Shared and Team Libraries and how to configure your Workspace.

Switch an upcoming meeting to Vowel

Swap out Zoom or Google Meet for Vowel with one click. As you get more familiar with Vowel, use it for recurring team meetings, daily standups, sprint planning, design reviews, user research, and more. See some of our meeting templates to help you get your meeting started on the right foot.

Still have questions? Email us at support@vowel.com

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