Vowel will work on all browser types, however Chrome is the preferred browser. Here's why:

Chrome has invested in the latest and greatest version of the software we use to compress, send video/audio data, and then uncompress and show that data to the other participant. Safari and Firefox are a version or two behind. The result of this is when everyone on the call is on Chrome, we can use the best, fastest way to transfer data, and we can give users the highest quality experience for their internet connection.

We have to use the version of the compression/decompression software that the lowest common denominator that all users share. So for example, if 19 people are all on Chrome, and then 1 person joins from Safari, everyone's experience will degrade by some.

The other thing to know is that on iOS devices, even when you're using the "Chrome App", you're not actually using Chrome. Every web browser on an iPhone or iPad is actually Safari, dressed up to look like other browsers. So when someone joins from mobile web on an iPhone, everyone will get a slightly worse experience. This does not compound, though. Which is to say, if 20 people all join from Safari, it's no worse than if only 1 person had joined from Safari and the other 19 are on Chrome.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome to have the best experience on Vowel, or at least the latest 2-4 recent versions of Chrome (a version within the last year).

Still have questions? Send us an email at hello@vowel.com

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