Who can make this change?

  • Only the Owner can transfer ownership of a workspace

Organizations change, so that might mean primary ownership of a Vowel workspace may need to change too. We’ve outlined how to transfer primary ownership, so keep reading to learn more.

If you’re the Owner of a workspace, you can transfer ownership to another member.

What to expect

  1. You'll need to login with the account associated with the owner (the Google account you used to create the Vowel workspace)

  2. Go to your profile in the top right corner of your Vowel dashboard

  3. Click "Workspace Settings" & then "Members"

  4. Click on the Member you want to make the new owner and click "Make Owner"

Only a Primary Owner can transfer ownership. If your Primary Owner has left your company or organization, you'll need to reach out to this person for help. Vowel cannot do this for you.

Need to deactivate your account? You'll need to transfer primary ownership first, then navigate to your Google account settings and disconnect Vowel from it.

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