Types of roles in Vowel

Understand the different user roles in Vowel

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Your role in Vowel determines what you can do within a Vowel workspace and meeting. There are two administrative roles (Owner & Admin) that are designed for people responsible for managing the account and workspace settings in Vowel. Non-administrative roles (Hosts and Collaborators) can work together in Vowel to prepare for upcoming meetings, access recording data, share and organize within their workspace. Guests do not have workspace access but can join meetings.

Type of roles in Vowel

  • Workspace Owner
    Each Vowel workspace has a sole Owner. This person is the individual who created the Vowel workspace. Only the original owner can transfer ownership to a new owner if needed, manage billing and delete the workspace. If the original owner is no longer with your organization please email support@vowel.com to get support transferring workspace ownership.

  • Workspace Admins
    Workspace Owners can assign Workspace Admins. Admins can make other workspace members Admins as well, but cannot make changes to the Owner. Admins can also manage and remove users, access billing and host meetings.

  • Hosts
    Hosts can schedule, start and host Vowel meetings. Hosts also have their own personal meeting room links they can use with calendar scheduling apps (like Calendly and Hubspot Meetings). Hosts can also add and remove other hosts and collaborators but cannot manage Admins or Owners.

  • Collaborators*

    Collaborators have access to their team's Vowel workspace but cannot schedule, host or start Vowel meetings. That means that if a collaborator is the first to show up to a meeting hosted on Vowel they will need to wait for a host to be present to start the meeting. Collaborators can collaborate on agendas, access past meeting recordings, and search through meeting data.

  • Guests*
    Guests have limited access to Vowel. Guests can be invited into Vowel meetings and access meeting recordings that have been shared with them. Guests do not have access to a Vowel workspace unless they are invited to join as a full member.

*Collaborators and Guests are Free.

Role Matrix

Still have questions? Email support@vowel.com

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