Roles determine what people can do in Vowel. There are administrative roles (Owner & Admin) that are designed for people responsible for managing accounts and settings in Vowel. Non-administrative roles (Member) let people work in Vowel and access key features.

Roles in Vowel

  • Workspace Owner
    A Vowel workspace has a single Owner. Only this person transfer ownership to someone else.

  • Workspace Admins
    Workspace Owners can assign Workspace Admins. Admins can make other workspace members Admins as well but cannot make changes to Owners.

  • Full members
    Members have access to use all of the features in Vowel, but they cannot make changes to roles of users in their workspace.

  • Guests
    Guests have limited access to Vowel. Guests can be invited into Vowel meetings and access meeting recordings if they have been shared with them. Guests do not have access to a Vowel workspace unless they are invited as a Member.

Owner & Admin menu options

Access to account settings & billing

Member menu options

Access to view other workspace members

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