Organize your Vowel recordings with Folders

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Folders are a great way to organize your meeting recordings that gives groups of people access to a set of recordings.

On the left side of your Vowel dashboard you'll see your "Folders".

By default, every workspace has a folder called "Everyone at workspace name". If you want to share recordings with your entire organization this is a great option (note: at this time sharing recordings with folders will also send an email notification, so be sure you want to notify everyone before sharing).

From there you can create an unlimited number of Folders and start adding recordings and teammates to those folders.

Simply click "New Folder", give it a name and Create!

Once you create your new folder you'll be able to add your teammates. Simply click on the icon in the top right corner to add members.

By default, all folder members will have access to any recordings that are shared with a folder they are a member of.

If you're ready to share a recording with a folder click on the "Share" button or icon and then click "Add People".

Search for the name of the folder you want to share the recording with.

Once you select the folder, you can then set permissions - whether members of the folder can have full access, edit only access or view only access. You can also add an optional message with your share. For example: "We had a great design huddle today! if you missed it, please review the recording, bookmarked moments, and shared notes."

Happy organizing!

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