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Do I need to create an account to use Vowel?
Do I need to create an account to use Vowel?

Short answer, no! You can still join meetings as a Guest.

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Invited to a Vowel meeting but don't already have an account? No problem! Simply join the meeting as a Guest.

Read on to learn about the Guest experience.

If you don't have a Vowel account

If you are invited to a meeting that is being hosted on Vowel you will be able to join the meeting even if you don't have a Vowel account.

From your Google Calendar, simply click on the Vowel meeting link in the invite. Vowel is browser based so there is nothing to download in order to join. You can join via the meeting URL from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Once you click on the meeting link you will be brought to the join screen.

There are two ways to join a meeting as a guest:

  1. Enter your name

  2. Authenticate with your Google account

You may be asked to grant permission to Vowel for microphone and camera access for your meeting experience.

Depending on the permissions that have been set by the meeting host, you may or may not have access to the Shared Notes and Transcript during the meeting. If you believe you should have access to these you can ask the Vowel account holder to adjust the Guest permissions for your meeting experience.

Similar to the in-meeting experience, the account holder can choose to grant Guests access to the post-meeting data to review the meeting even after it is over. You can read more about sharing and permissions here.

If you want to create a Vowel account or believe you should have one

If you believe you should be a member of an existing workspace simply contact the workspace creator and ask them to add you. If you want to create a workspace of your own simply sign up at

Having an account with Vowel gives you full access to all of the features, rather than just the in-meeting experience. You will be able to create Vowel meetings of your own, collaborate on agendas, access your past meeting recordings, organize recordings into Folders, create clips and much more!

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