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Do I have to invite every user to sign up with Vowel to be in a meeting?
Do I have to invite every user to sign up with Vowel to be in a meeting?

Short answer, no! People can still join your meetings as a Guest

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Want to invite someone to a Vowel meeting but they don't need an account? No problem! They can join the meeting as a Guest.

Read on to learn about the Guest experience.

If they don't have a Vowel account

If you want to invite someone to a meeting that is being hosted on Vowel they will be able to join the meeting even if they don't have a Vowel account.

From their Google Calendar, all they need to do is click on the Vowel meeting link in the invite. Vowel is browser based so there is nothing to download in order to join. They can join via the meeting URL from mobile, tablet or desktop.

Once they click on the meeting link from the invite they will be brought to the join screen.

There are two ways to join a meeting as a guest:

  1. Enter your name

  2. Authenticate with your Google account

If the Guest user chooses to authenticate with Google and they use the same email address as the one used on the Google calendar invite they will be able to get right into the meeting.

If the Guest user chooses to use their name the meeting host will be prompted to "Let in" the Guest user. You can choose to let them in or keep them in the waiting room until you are ready to do so.

You can set Guest permissions to determine whether or not a guest attendee has access to the Shared Notes and Transcript during the meeting. If you would prefer to keep the Shared Notes internal you can turn off a Guest's ability to view them. Keep in mind that the meeting agenda also lives in the Shared Notes panel so by turning off Guest access to this would also mean limiting their ability to see the agenda. You can also use private notes and keep the agenda in the shared notes for guests to see.

Similar to the in-meeting experience, the meeting host can choose what permissions Guests have to the post-meeting data. When you click "Share" on the post-meeting screen you'll be able to see a list of the meeting attendees and invitees. The Guests will be identified in this list.

You can adjust permissions by clicking the dropdown menu next to the attendee's name.

"In-meeting access" is reserved for Guest attendees. This means that the only access they have to the meeting is during the meeting itself and they will not be able to access the recording or meeting data after the fact.

You can read more about sharing and permissions here.

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