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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the most common questions our customers have.

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Getting started with Vowel

  • How do I sign up for Vowel?

    To create an account and workspace, sign up at You'll be prompted to authenticate with Google (we'll support other authentication and sign-up options in the future).

  • Do I need an account to use Vowel?

    If you've been invited to a Vowel meeting by someone else, you don't need to create an account to participate in the meeting. Or, if you have a Vowel account and want to have a meeting with non-Vowel users, you can do that!

  • Do you need to download anything to use Vowel?

    Nope! Vowel is 100% browser-based at this time. You can learn more about browser support here.

  • How much does Vowel cost?

    When you sign up for a new Vowel account you will enter into a 30 day trial of our Business plan. After the 30 days you will have the option to remain on the Business plan or be automatically downgrade to the Free plan. You can read more on our pricing page or check out our pricing FAQ. We will also always offer a Free pricing tier.

  • Can I use Vowel with Zoom or Google Meet?

    No. Vowel isn't an add-on to Zoom or Meet — it has video-conferencing built in, alongside other amazing features like live transcription and shared notes. In other words, you use it instead of Zoom or Google Meet.
    > Learn more about Vowel vs. Zoom

  • Do you have training options?

    Yes! You can learn on your own time with our Getting Started video series. Or reach out to for a personal live team training.

Joining a meeting

  • How do I schedule a Vowel meeting?

    First, you'll need to connect Vowel to your Google Calendar. When you create a new calendar event, you'll be able to add a Vowel meeting link to your invite. If you have an event that's already scheduled and want to switch it to a Vowel meeting, you can do so with the click of a button from your Upcoming tab on your Vowel dashboard (or from the calendar invite).

  • How do I join a Vowel meeting?

    There are two ways to join a Vowel meeting. The first is from your Google Calendar: open the calendar invite and click the Vowel link. The second is from the Upcoming tab on your Vowel dashboard: click the event and then click the Join Meeting button.

  • How do I record a Vowel meeting?

    You can start recording your Vowel meeting from the join screen (before you're in the meeting) *or* once you're in the meeting (the record button is on the bottom left). Any meeting attendee can turn the recording on or off at any time; the meeting host does not need to be present or set permissions.

  • Can I invite people to my meetings who don’t have Vowel accounts?

    Yes! Guests can join Vowel meetings from the Google Calendar invite by clicking on the Vowel meeting link.

  • How many people can I have in a meeting?

    The recommended maximum number of meeting participants is 50.

  • How do I share my screen?

    Click on the share screen icon next to the video icon. The default setting turns your camera off when you share your screen, but if you'd prefer to keep your camera on, you can click the camera icon again (instructions here).

Vowel features

  • Can I share Vowel recordings?

    Yes! You can share Vowel recordings within your workspace with additional team members or organize into Folders. You can also share recordings outside of your workspace. Learn more about Sharing and Permissions here.

  • Do you have a mobile app?

    Not yet. But you can join Vowel meetings on mobile web, and also access recordings and your Vowel dashboard.

  • Can I download data from Vowel?

    You can download your meeting recordings if you are a Trial or a Business plan customer. You can download full meetings or clips. Recordings will be saved as .mp4 files. At this time, downloads do not include transcript or notes. You can copy notes and transcripts and then paste them into other programs like Notion or Google Docs.

  • Can I upload data into Vowel?

    No, Vowel only stores Vowel data at this time.

  • What integrations does Vowel support?

    We have a variety of integrations from messaging to scheduling apps! You can read more about our integrations here.

  • Do I get a personal meeting room with Vowel?
    Every Owner, Admin and Host has a personal room — click Meet in Your Room from the dashboard to test it out or click the link icon to copy the meeting room link. If you are a Collaborator you will not have a personal room and will need to request a Host seat to gain access to one.

My Vowel account

  • Can I access the account's workspace settings?

    This depends on your role in Vowel. You can read more about the types of roles here.

  • Where can I find out who the account owner is?

    From the workspace settings click Members. From there, you'll see a list of members with their role type listed next to their name.

  • Can I change my Vowel domain?

    No, at this time you cannot change your Vowel domain.

  • Can I change the name of my Vowel workspace?

    Owners and Admins can change the name of the Workspace from Workspace settings.

  • What happens if my company's email domain changes?

    Submit an email to with your current/old company email domain as well as the new one with the subject line "Company email domain change request".

  • How do I delete my account?

    Your Vowel account is tied to your Google account. To discontinue using Vowel, navigate to your Google account settings and disconnect Vowel from it. If you need your data erased please send an email to and our team will handle your request.

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