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Screen Sharing on Vowel

How to share content of your screen with other meeting participants

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Screen sharing with Vowel is easy!

When you are inside your meeting and need to share the contents of your screen you can use the keyboard shortcut "S" or click the Share Screen button next to the video button.

From there you'll be able to choose what you want to share.

  • Your Entire Screen

  • A window

  • A specific tab

Video during screen share

If your video is enabled when you share your screen it will remain on. If you did not have your video enabled at the time of screen sharing it'll remain off. You can change your video status while sharing your screen. If you have a background applied at the time of your screen share it will be turned off when you start sharing your screen.

Screen sharing with video on

Your video will appear in the bottom right corner.

Screen sharing with video off

Picture in Picture

If you are actively sharing your screen picture in picture will automatically become enabled when you navigate to another tab while sharing you will be able to see your own video feed. If someone else speaks or raises their hand the picture in picture window will display the most active participant in the meeting.

You will also be able to see all of the emoji reactions flowing as you are presenting with picture in picture!

If you wish to enable picture in picture even if you are not presenting (or exit or re-enable picture in picture) simply navigate to the overflow menu in your meeting menu bar or click the ^ key on your keyboard.

You will also be able to control your mic and video from your picture in picture window as well as have the option to return to the meeting tab (as shown below)

When you want to stop sharing your screen you have a few different options.

  1. Keyboard shortcut "S" or the share button

  2. The pop-up

  3. The "Stop Presenting" button at the top of your Vowel window

Note: Screenshare is often controlled by the browser you use. If you run into any issues, please make sure you are on the latest browser version (we recommend Chrome) or try following these troubleshooting steps.

If you run into any issues or have questions, please email us at

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