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Troubleshooting join meeting issues
Troubleshooting join meeting issues

Try these steps if you are struggling to join a Vowel meeting

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Help! I can’t join my meeting!

  1. Check that you don't have other programs using devices that could be conflicting with your ability to join a meeting

  2. Check your CPUs

    From the ellipses menu in the top right corner of your browser click on "More Tools" and then "Task Manager"

See if anything is using a lot of CPU that could be affecting your ability to join the meeting.

3. Conflicting extensions

Interfering browser extensions: It is not uncommon for some third party extension to cause problems with some websites. To test this, try using your browser through an Incognito tab or Private browsing window. If all works normally then you know that an extension is causing an issue. Unfortunately there is no way to identify which one easily. A process of elimination will need to be done on each extension to fine the one causing the problem.

Here are ones we know of that have caused users issues in the past.

  • DarkReader

  • Tampermonkey

4. Check that other browser AV programs are working.

Example: Does it work when you try to join Google Meet? If both don't work then it's a browser/machine issue. Restart Chrome, reboot the machine.

5. Check activity monitor on system level

If you are still having issues please email

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