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Create clips of your meetings on Vowel
Create clips of your meetings on Vowel

Share important meeting moments with colleagues and clients without sharing the whole meeting.

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There are a couple of ways you can create clips of your Vowel meetings.

You can create a clip after a meeting is over from the recording or create a clip in real time while the meeting is still in progress.

Create a clip from the recording

  1. Navigate to the meeting you want to create a clip of. Click "Create Clip" next to the Share button

2. Use the timeline to drag the position of your clip, search for a keyword, or select part of the transcript you want to include as part of the clip (or a combination of all 3!) Your clip start and end time will be noted on the right hand side. You can preview your clip, add a written summary and share with individuals and/or folders. If you choose to just save your clip without sharing it it will live in the "My Clips" tab in your dashboard.

You can choose to share, download or delete in the future.

Create a clip during the meeting from the transcript tab

To create a clip during your meeting from the transcript navigate to the transcript tab and select the text you want to include in your clip. Once you have the right portion selected, click the clip button. The clip will include the transcript, audio and video and any screen share when applicable from the meeting moment.

This is great especially when you are in a meeting and want to quickly share with a teammate who isn't in the meeting but likely knows the answer to the question being asked. Quickly make a clip, Slack it to them and ask for the answer in real time even while your meeting is still taking place.

See how to do it here:

Download or delete a clip

To download or delete a clip click on the ellipsis menu in the bottom right corner of the clip card. This will give you the two options to either download or delete the clip.

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