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What is the difference between a Member and a Guest?
What is the difference between a Member and a Guest?

You can join meetings as a Guest on Vowel but will have limited access compared to a Member.

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What are they?

A guest is someone invited to a call hosted on Vowel, and is not a member in your Vowel workspace. A workspace member is anyone who has been invited to join a Workspace (through the "Invite members" button). Members have access to your Vowel workspace. Members can host Vowel meetings, see upcoming and past meetings, search across their entire meeting library, share recordings and clips, create agendas, create folders, create meeting templates and invite other Members.


  • Can create and host meetings on Vowel

  • Has a personal meeting room

  • Can create clips and share meeting recordings

  • Can add meeting recordings to folders for others to view

  • Has a login and user profile within a Vowel workspace

  • Can access all of the meeting data (transcripts, notes, action items, agendas, folders) of meetings they have access within their workspace


  • Can join Vowel meetings they are invited to directly

  • Can access meeting recordings (if the host allows)

  • Do not have access to a workspace

  • Cannot create or host meetings


Do I need an account to use Vowel?

Nope! If you've been invited to a Vowel meeting by someone else, you don't need to create an account to participate in the meeting. Or, if you have a Vowel account and want to have a meeting with non-Vowel users, you can do that!

Can I invite people to my meetings who don’t have Vowel accounts?

Yes! Guests can join any Vowel meeting from either a Google Calendar invite or by clicking on the Vowel meeting link they were shared.

What is the Guest experience joining a meeting?

When a guest navigates to a meeting URL, they will do the following 3 things to get into the meeting.

  1. Give Browser permissions to access their mic and camera

  2. Type in their name

  3. Click “Join” (or “Request to Join” if the meeting is hosted in a Personal Room)

Optional: Guests can use their Google account instead of typing in their name in Step 2. This will allow them to access the notes and recordings after the meeting (if the host has allowed guests to access notes and recordings).

Does everyone at my company need to be a Member of my workspace?

No. Only people who need to create and host meetings, access to see upcoming and past meetings, create agendas, create meeting templates, create folders, see search across the entire meeting library and share) need to be Members. You don't need to invite everyone. Everyone else can join meetings as a guest.

To check who your workspace members are, go to Workspace settings > Members.

Are there pricing differences for different types of Members (e.g. owner vs. admin)?

All active Members are charged the same no matter their role type. You can learn more about role types here.

Am I charged for Guests?

No. If you invite guests to your meetings you won't be charged for them. But if you decide to make any Guests into full Members of your workspace you will be charged for them.

Can Guests start/stop the recording in a meeting?

Yes, even Guest meeting attendees have access to go on and off the record during the meeting.

Can Guests see Shared Notes and Transcript in my meeting?

Only if you give them permission to! In your meeting. Navigate to the Sharing and Privacy settings in your meeting (shown below) and you will be able to toggle on or off permissions

Default meeting settings:
1. Guests can see notes by default
2. Guests cannot share by default

Can Guests share the recording with other people?

Only if you grant them Sharing permissions (seen in picture above). If the toggle is on then Guests will be able to share the recording, but only with people who they also grant access to.

Other than inviting them, is there any other way for people to become Members in my workspace?

Yes. Only if you allow people with with specific email domains to auto-join the Workspace can they become a Member. This is done via "Workspace Settings" and "Allowed email domains" as shown below.

People cannot become a Member simply by joining a meeting or viewing a Vowel agenda from the calendar invite.

Why make someone a workspace member?

There are a few major benefits for workspace members.

  1. Hosting meetings: Most importantly, workspace members are the only ones able to create and host meetings. Guests cannot do this.

  2. Sharing: There are several ways to share meetings that are hosted on Vowel (either small clips of meetings or a whole meeting) that rely on workspace membership. You can add recordings to folders and grant permission to other workspace members. You can create collections of meetings (or clips) via folders and share access to folders with other members, or you can mark a meeting as “available to everyone in my workspace”, which allows anyone in your workspace with the link to view the clip or meeting without having to make it public to the web.

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