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Choosing your Vowel subscription plan
Choosing your Vowel subscription plan
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Vowel currently offers 2 different plans: Free and Business.

When you create a new workspace on Vowel you will automatically be enrolled into our 30-day free trial of the Business plan (you do not need to enter your credit card to start a trial). You will have access to all of the great features that the Business plan offers. If you choose to remain on a Business plan after your trial you will be billed based on how many paid members are currently in your workspace (note: Collaborators are not a paid member). If you choose to not upgrade you will automatically be put on the Free plan.

Learn more the difference between our plans on our Pricing page.

To choose your plan

Go to Workspace settings > Billing to choose your subscription plan.

Prices will reflect annual billing. To change to monthly billing toggle the button next to "pay annually and save 18%".

What happens to my meeting data after my free trial?

  • If you downgrade to the Free tier, you can host meetings up to 40 minutes and rewatch and search meetings from the past 7 days. For these accounts, we store recordings and transcripts for 2 years. This means that if you re-upgrade to Business within 2 years, you can access all your past recordings with Vowel. However, if you wait longer than 2 years to re-upgrade, some of those older meetings may be lost.

When do I have to pay?

You will be billed as soon as you upgrade. If you choose an annual plan you will be billed for a full year and if you choose a monthly plan you will be billed every month.

What if I don't upgrade?

If you choose to downgrade to a Free Plan after the free trial ends (or do nothing), you will not be charged.

Have more questions? See our Pricing FAQ.

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