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Search across all of your meeting data
Search across all of your meeting data

Forgot what decision was made in your meeting two weeks ago? We got you covered.

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Forgot a decision or critical piece of information from one of your past meetings and don’t want to waste time having another meeting or bother others on your team to figure out what it was? Problem solved with Vowel’s global search!

Click "Search meeting content" in the left-side nav on your dashboard. From there you will be able to search through all of your past meeting content and add filters to narrow your search results.

Search keywords, transcripts, participants, notes and more. All of your results will appear in one place and from there you can filter by date ranges, folders, or participants to narrow in on what you’re looking for.

You can also navigate to a folder and choose to search only the content within that folder in the top right corner.

Save time and money with Vowel’s search!

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