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What is a Vowel workspace?
What is a Vowel workspace?

All of your meetings hosted and stored in one place.

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Your Vowel workspace is your HQ for meetings. It is so much more than just a place where you host meetings. Your Vowel workspace is also a complete repository of all of your past meeting data. You can search, organize and prepare in one central place.


All of your Google calendar data lives in the Upcoming tab in Vowel. This allows you to see all of the meetings you have coming up and prepare with agendas.

This is your go-to place for saving your thoughts throughout the week. That way, you're always sure that when the meeting time comes, everything is in one place and ready to start. It helps you keep your thoughts, ideas, and conversation topics organized and ensures you don’t miss something that you really wanted to make sure was covered in a meeting.


All of the meetings you attended or were invited to live here. You can view the recording, notes, share, download or delete the recording from here. If you want to see more of the meeting data click "view meeting".

Action Items

Any action item created during or after a meeting lives here, in one central spot, making it easier to stay on top of and follow through with next steps determined during your meeting.

Create action items in the shared notes panel using the "/action item" command and tag teammates so you know who is responsible for what.

Then when the meeting is over keep track of all of your team's action items and use the filters to narrow your search.

My Clips

Make Clips of the most important moments from your meeting and access them from the "My Clips" tab in your Workspace. From there you can share your clips or even organize them into additional folders!

See how to make a clip here:

Shared with me

Any time a meeting recording is shared with you it will live in the "Shared with me" tab. Any critical meeting or clip that has information someone has determined you must see will live here.

Meeting Templates

Organize all of your meeting agenda templates here, and create new ones!

See how to create and manage meeting templates here:


Organize all of your meeting recordings into folders. Learn more about Folders and organization tips here.

Have other questions about your Vowel workspace? Check out our FAQ or email us at

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