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Recurring meeting notes
Have all of your previous meeting notes at your finger tips
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When you schedule a recurring meeting and host it on Vowel, Vowel saves all of your previous meeting notes so they are accessible both in the agenda and share notes for all future instances. This means that referencing past notes as you prepare or discuss is available at the tip of your finger and you never have to question what might be left on the table from last week.

From the Agendas:

Navigate to your Upcoming tab and select the recurring meeting you need to create an agenda for. All of your previous meeting notes will be there, along with the date of the meeting. Copy and paste previous notes into your new agenda, or just use them as a reference point.

From the Shared Notes:

During your meeting "Previous Notes" will appear at the bottom of the shared notes panel. Click to pull up all of your previous notes while your current meeting is happening. Close action items or discuss anything that wasn't completed.

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