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Using Vowel with HubSpot Meetings
Using Vowel with HubSpot Meetings

Adding Vowel to your HubSpot meetings

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You can use your personal meeting room link (found in the top right corner of your Vowel dashboard) for your HubSpot events.

HubSpot Integration Steps

  1. Open HubSpot meetings

  2. Go to Vowel to grab your personal meeting room link or create a new on by adding in any name after "/g/"

  3. Go to your HubSpot meeting page, and paste your Vowel link in the Location field and save

Joining a Vowel meeting booked via HubSpot

When you send someone your HubSpot booking link the person will be able to book meetings with you.

When someone books a meeting with you you will be notified via email and a Google Calendar event will be created. Your Vowel room link will automatically be applied to the Google Calendar event and all meeting participants will be able to join your Vowel meeting from the Google Calendar event at the time of the meeting.

Even if you have back to back meetings with the same personal meeting room ID (booked via HubSpot or otherwise) the meeting participants won't be able to join the previous meeting even if it runs over into your next one. Vowel recognizes which attendees are meant to be in which meeting and once they try to join you will be able to admit them or keep them in the waiting room until you're ready to start the meeting.

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