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How to create a Vowel meeting in Outlook with the Outlook Add-in
How to create a Vowel meeting in Outlook with the Outlook Add-in

For Microsoft Outlook users who want to schedule Vowel meetings

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We're excited to offer Microsoft support for Vowel. To add a Vowel conference link to your next meeting, follow these three easy steps in about 60 seconds:

  1. Install the Add-in

  2. Configure it

  3. Use it to schedule!

1. Installing the Add-in

Follow this link to get the Outlook Add-in installed right away:

When you click "Get it now" you will see this screen:

2. Configuring the Add-in

To use the Add-in, you'll need to set your workspace URL in the Add-in settings.

From Outlook, select the Vowel add-in, which should be pinned in your toolbar, and select "Vowel Settings"

In the settings menu, add your workspace URL. This may be formatted like or it may be, whatever is in your URL bar when you log into your Vowel workspace, copy that and paste it into the Add-in settings in Outlook.

3. Using the Add-in to schedule a Vowel meeting!

Now that your Add-in is all set up and configured, when you create a new calendar event in Outlook, you can select Vowel > Add a Vowel meeting, and the Vowel Add-in with add a meeting link to your calendar event. It's that easy! Each time you use the Add-in to add a meeting, Vowel will add a unique meeting link to the event. This will ensure no issues with back-to-back meetings in your workspace.

Coming soon

We're working on adding the same deep calendar support for Outlook customers that we have for Google Calendar customers in the near future including:

  1. The ability to see your upcoming meetings in the Vowel application and prepare your agendas there

  2. The ability to schedule a new meeting from the Vowel application

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at

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