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AI Powered Action Items

For Business and Enterprise plan members looking for AI powered action items.

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Vowel AI powers real-time Action Item suggestions.

Real-time action item suggestions allow you to remain present in your meeting, while still capturing important action items. This means less manual note taking and more focus time!

How can you get AI-powered real-time Action Items?

We’re glad you asked! 😉 AI suggested real-time action items are available during your Trial and on our Business and Enterprise plans. While there is a lot of magic happening in the background on our end, there’s no need for you to waive a magic wand or say any specific words to generate the real-time action items.

What do you need to do to generate AI powered real-time action items?

  1. Enable recording

  2. Talk!

That’s it! We’ll generate action items as we detect them and they'll appear in the Shared Notes section like the image below:

How do you use AI powered real-time Action Items?


AI will begin detecting action items as soon as you enable recording and start talking. AI powered real-time action items will appear at the top of your Shared Notes. Click on the arrow to the right to expand the AI suggested action items.

AI powered action items will not appear on your dashboard until they are accepted. To accept an action item, click on the ‘Add’ button. This will add the action item to the bottom of the Shared Notes, where you can make any edits. Anyone in the meeting can accept or delete an AI powered action item.

To decline an AI powered action item that is not relevant, click the trash icon next to it. This action item will be removed and will not appear in the Shared Notes, Meeting Summary, or on your dashboard.


When your meeting ends you will immediately be taken to the post-meeting summary page. Here you can immediately rewatch the recording, continue reviewing and editing Share Notes, copy the transcript and more. You can read more about the post-meeting summary here.

Any accepted AI powered action items will appear in the action items section on the Overview tab. Declined AI powered action items will no longer appear anywhere within the meeting or on your dashboard.

If you didn’t have time to review the AI powered action items during the meeting you can still manage them from the post-meeting view. To do so, click on the Notes tab and then expand the AI suggested action items dropdown.


Any action item created during or after a meeting lives in your Vowel dashboard under "Action Items", in one central spot. This makes it easier to stay on top of and follow through on the next steps determined during your meeting. When the meeting is over, you can easily keep track of all action items and use the filters to narrow your search.

You'll see the dropdown "created by." Note, the creator is the person who manually created the action item or accepted the AI suggested action item.

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