Don't spend time rewatching entire recordings, let Vowel AI search for and answer questions for you!

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Sometimes our AI powered summaries may not answer all of your questions. Instead of rewatching the entire recording, you can now ask MeetingGPT a question, and we'll do the work for you! Finally, AI-powered Q&A is here.

As soon as your meeting ends, you can start asking Vowel AI questions and it'll search everything discussed in your meeting to get you an answer.

(🤫 in a short time we'll allow you to ask questions across all of your Vowel meetings, so you never have to dig for an answer again!)

Who can use MeetingGPT?

Meeting GPT is available on the Business plan. Business plan admins, hosts, collaborators and guests can access AI powered Q&A by default. If in-meeting access to notes and transcripts was disabled for guests, they will not have access to post-meeting AI powered Q&A.

Not interested in taking advantage of any AI features?

If you would like to disable all of the AI features, you can do so by completing the following steps (Admin permission required):

  1. Click on your Avatar and navigate to Workspace settings.

  2. Click on the Settings section from the left hand navigation.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and disable the toggle for Vowel AI. This will disable AI features for all your workspace members for meetings and your dashboard.

Have any feedback for us? Join our community slack channel to hop right into conversation with the Vowel team. Here's the invite link!

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