While you were out

"While you were out" email keeps you up-to-speed when you have scheduled out-of-office events.

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"While you were out" email

Missing a meeting or two can be frustrating, especially when you need to catch up on important information. Although AI-Powered Summaries are available, it can still be challenging to determine what you missed and what was crucial during those meetings. To make this process easier, we have introduced a new feature called "While you were out."

When you schedule an Out-of-Office (OOO) event in a connected Google Calendar, Vowel will automatically send you a recap email to catch you up on all the meetings you missed when you return!

The "While you were out" email includes the following:

  1. Meeting thumbnails

  2. Meeting summaries

  3. Action items assigned to you

  4. Links to the full recordings

Who receives the 'While you were out' email?

The "While you were out" email is available on the Business plan. All Business plan users will receive the email when they miss a meeting scheduled during their Out of Office event.

Can I disable the 'While you were out' email?

Yes, you can disable the "While you were out" email by accessing Workspace Settings from your avatar and disabling the notification toggle.

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